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By focusing on engineering and  suppliers from developed countries, we could optimize the cost of our equipment, while still keep our products of high quality.

Fabrication, machining to be done in our workshop as per International Handling Fabrication Standard. Usually the installation and commissioning to be taken place at site

We could provide single machine or the whole projects on turn key basis.

Our products are:

1) Mobile Ship Loader; from 480 t/hour to 1600 t/hour; vessel upto 50,000 dwt
2). Feeding Conveyor for truck dumping; capacity from 480 ton/hr to 800 ton/hour
3). Barge Loader: With one dumping station, capacity 480 ton/hour for barge upto 5,000 DWT
4). Link Conveyor: Capacity from 480 ton/hour up to 1600 to/hour capacity
5). Hopper: We provide hopper from 50-120 cbm, travel on rubber wheel or on rail
6). Multi purpose crane: Can work with hooks – Grab or with Spreader for container, capacity from 20-45 tons; vessel upto 50,000 dwt
7). Bulk Cargo Handling Systems: In cooperation with our partner, we could provide bulk cargo handling systems, from ship loader, ship unloader, conveyor and stacker/reclaimer as turn key basic.


We provide clients with after sales services, spare parts or maintenance to meet the demand of clients. We could send our engineers and technical staff to be on site to support customers for short or long term based on the requirement.

Other services:

1). Installation of Handling Equipment: such as installation of Cranes, Ship Unloader, Bulk Handling Systems..
2). Upgrade or repair of Handling Systems, crane…